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Investrating.net Team
Happy New Year 2016! http://investrating.net wishes you all the joys of this holiday season.
Dec-31-2015 05:40:00 AM
Nanoparks - promo campaign launched! Bonus deposits!
Attention! The promo campaign launched! Bonus deposits! ( http://investrating.net/?a=details&lid=1822 )

In order to promote our investment products to the market of the CIS countries, the project nanoparks announces bonus action! To participate in the promo campaign, you must have an account in the project, DEPOSIT IS NOT REQUIRED.

All users of the investment project NANOPARKS LLC ARE ABLE TO GET DEPOSIT FROM $20 to $65 WITH DAILY WITHDRAWAL OF 1%.
To do this:

1. Have an account in the nanoparks
2. Being a member of the forum MMGP.RU
3. It is not necessary, but it is desirable to have a personal page on a social network VKontakte
4. Post your referral link of the project in the signature on the forum MMGP.RU
5. Add information about the project with a picture on your page VKontakte. (optional) NEED TO HAVE 100 FRIENDS AND MORE!
6. Submit to us by e-mail promo@nanoparks.com the following information:

- Your username in the project (Login)
- Address URL of your profile on the forum MMGP.RU
- Address URL of your personal page VKontakte (optional)

The administrator verifies your information, and opens a deposit.

A. Users with 5 or more forum posts per day receive the deposit of $20 at 1% and receive daily - $ 0.2, if placed a post with links and images VKontakte deposit amount is $25, and daily withdrawal - $ 0.25 (100 friends VK and more)

B. Users with 7 or more forum posts per day receive the deposit of $40 at 1% and receive daily - $ 0.4, if placed a post with links and images VKontakte deposit amount is $ 45, and daily withdrawal - $ 0.45 (100 friends VK and more)

C. Users who have 10 or more forum posts per day receive the deposit of $ 60 at 1% and receive daily - $ 0.6, if placed a post with links and images VKontakte deposit amount is $ 65, and daily withdrawal - $ 0.65 (100 friends VC and more)

* Your profile is online MMGP.RU will be monitored daily. If you remove the link to our project from your signature or significantly reduce the activity on the forum, your deposit will be blocked.
** We accept the proposals for placing a banner in the signature on more favorable terms.

For any questions, please write us to - promo@nanoparks.com

With Respect,
Department of advertising and promotion
Oct-30-2015 11:00:11 AM
Hyip Forex Paradise celebrates 600 days
Dear members and partners!
Forex Paradise Hong Kong Investment Company is celebrating over 600 days of successful work online.
Since the beginning about 1800 hundred users from over 100 countries have already become our clients. Large number of clients interested in making new deposits is a result of high level of company's trustworthiness and can serve as 100% guarantee of deposits' safety.

Recently we added 2 new languages to Forex Paradise website: Spanish and Russian. Also we expanded list of accepted payment methods by adding Neteller and Skrill.

Account settings page was updated, now users can add their public info and personal avatars.
Oct-7-2015 02:00:44 PM
Hyip Invest Compass Successfully Online Over 300 Days!
Dear members,

Invest Compass is sucessfully online over 300 days!
As usual in great days,we offer 30% deposit bonus for every external deposit made from 6th to 11th Oct. Just open a ticket with subject '30% bonus' to claim your bonus. It will be added to your main balance within 24 hours.

Best regards
Oct-7-2015 01:59:33 PM
Hyip Carbon7 News - Entering the 4th Month
A short news update for: Carbon7

- Powerful 3 months -
It has been over 3 amazing months since we have lunched Carbon7's platform, and I'm very happy with our financial growth rate & the general progress we made so far.
I envision that with a continues efforts & dedication of Carbon7's experienced team we will manage to keep on delivering you with our quality service over the long term.

- A long road ahead -
Currently we have managed to satisfy more than 30,000 members (growing exponentially) and resolve all support inquires in timely fashion and utmost professionalism.
Carbon7 team are always ready to help members, and go the extra mile for you, because we believe it's a long way to the top and we aim to break all positive records!

- Further improvement -
Recently we have noticed a high demand for internal exchanges between eWallets, therefore, we have began working to add an internal semi-automatic exchange page.
Although we are able to process every payment request without exemptions (during business hours), we are preparing additional powerful server to support our growth.

- To all inactive members -
I want you to know that you are welcome to join our prosperous active community and if you have any support inquiry, please contact us, we're always at your service.

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation for all our supporting members, and for our affiliates who were behind Carbon7 from the start.

Looking forward to another 3 successful months.

Enjoy intelligent investing with Carbon7!
Sep-3-2015 03:12:54 PM
Thank you,
Best regards,
Mar-8-2015 01:12:40 PM
20 Days online
Dear Bitship travellers!

We are 20 days online and Bitship LTD growing it's popularity day by day, more then 7950 investors registered, almost $2 millions invested and $768 thousands withdrawn for today!
I would like to remind everyone that Bitship offers to you Live Chat feature, and you can express your feelings towards Bitship and ask all your questions about the service it offers to you.

We don't stop on today's achievements and will continue our successful and productive work for a long time. We would like also to thank all of our investors for their confidence in us. Financial dreams are turning to reality and we are very glad that we are helping you achieve these dreams!

Best Regards,
Philip Barter
Bitship LTD Administrator.
Nov-27-2014 02:58:42 PM
Hello to all registered members of EASTOIL LTD.
Today we just want to let you know the latest news of our investment company. The number of investors in EASTOIL LTD is more than 23 thousand at the moment, after two months since start of project. The credibility of the project is constantly growing and also constantly growing number of people willing to invest and earn with so reliable company like ours. Certainly, today we offer the best earning conditions from the most reliable and stable investment companies in the market of commodities. You can become our investor at any time when you'll be ready. Complete the short registration process and select the appropriate investment plan for you. That's all you need. Stable income and guaranteed payments will be provided by our market experts and traders. Be absolutely sure that your money is fully intact, and all your invested funds are involved in business activity.
The large number of people is followed the development of our project and did not dare to make a deposit before, waiting for the end of at least one full cycle of payments. We have received many requests to announce such fact and keep them up to date. So, last week the first cycle of 55-day investment period – WTI Oil plan – was fully completed. We thank all our investors and representatives and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
Nov-17-2014 08:59:24 AM
18.9.2014 - Last 10 Referral Commission paid
Sep-18-2014 07:42:02 PM $1.92
Sep-18-2014 06:54:51 PM $6.00
Sep-18-2014 06:36:54 PM $1.00
Sep-18-2014 04:17:50 PM $1.40
Sep-18-2014 01:37:36 PM $6.30
Sep-18-2014 10:43:04 AM $2.00
Sep-18-2014 10:39:30 AM $1.00
Sep-18-2014 10:34:55 AM $0.76
Sep-18-2014 05:38:02 AM $0.15
Sep-18-2014 05:37:30 AM $0.60
Sep-18-2014 01:25:04 PM
17.92014 - Last 10 Referral Commission paid
Sep-17-2014 03:16:46 PM $5.00
Sep-17-2014 03:16:46 PM $0.61
Sep-17-2014 03:16:46 PM $1.00
Sep-17-2014 03:14:38 PM $1.15
Sep-17-2014 03:13:36 PM $0.18
Sep-17-2014 03:12:14 PM $1.14
Sep-17-2014 03:08:16 PM $1.17
Sep-17-2014 02:58:37 PM $3.00
Sep-17-2014 02:58:37 PM $1.00
Sep-17-2014 02:58:37 PM $0.80
Sep-17-2014 07:21:24 AM
150 Days Online with TAL
Today we have a great news,
Our program still working within a 150 Days online,
As I said before within a few weeks we will add an international phone support and live chat for convenience of our clients.

For now we have:
More than 11 thousands investors from all the world,
Almost 13 mln. Deposited funds,
More than 11 mln. Withdraw funds.

We are trying to provide excellent services for our clients and partners.
Thank you for staying with us.
Aug-28-2014 07:19:35 AM
Ebuild Wealth
Dear our clients and visitors,
Many thanks for your great support! Our company has been paying smoothly for 130 days. Now we just made some amendments to our investment plans:
The minimum deposit for the 30 day plan has been raised from $20 to $50. The maximum deposit for the 15 day plan has been lowered from $5,000 to $3,000.
However, the amendments don't apply to all current active deposits. For those clients who invest less than $50 in the 30 day plan, you may still get your daily interest and principal back at the end of the term.

Now we privately accept paypal deposits from our loyal clients who have been our clients for one month and have an active deposit not less than $500. Paypal deposits are only available for the 60 day plan and the 100 day plan. Profit will be sent every 15 days. If you are interested, please contact us for more details. We are looking forward to building finance confidence with you in 2014. Have a great day!

Best regards,
Ebuild Wealth team
May-13-2014 06:44:30 AM
R&O Real Estate
We have activated PayPal as an deposit and payout method again!
Mar-12-2014 10:06:11 AM
We encountered a problem , perfect money can not pay Instant , engineers still find ways to fix the problem, please wait
Mar-11-2014 02:25:27 PM
Payeer Has Been Added - UE Centre
We are glad to inform you that "Payeer.com" payment processor has been added,You can use your "Payeer.com" account for deposit and withdraw too.

Thank you for choose us.

Kind regards,
Ue Centre Customer Service Department.
Jan-23-2014 10:02:43 AM
Vehtrade.com - 2 Months In Business
Today at VEHTRADE LTD we celebrate 2 months in business.

We are now reconized for our fast payments and incredible support.

We also offer the biggest variety of payment processors in the industry which offer over 250 different funding/withdrawal choices.
Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay & PexPay

Our plans can Earn You up to 1.90% Daily for 180 Days or up to 11% Weekly for 33 Weeks.

And a huge 13% Referral Program down 3 levels.

This is now our 2nd Month in business but expect to see a lot more from us.

The VehTrade Administration Team.
Jan-7-2014 08:34:16 AM
CATENA FINANCE: Tweaking our site
We noticed that users using low screen resolutions have problems displaying our site. We have fixed that now. If you had problems viewing our site in the past, please try again.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,
Catena Finance Support
Aug-16-2013 06:06:29 AM
Bankpg.com - Withdraw option
Hi everyone, this email is to inform that we will not longer will be accepting Liberty Reserve and payment option, all opposite made by this payment processor will remain invested as normal deposit without any modification and profit can be withdraw with any of our available method

for more info about our withdraw option



Paypal’s policy offers up to 45 days customer protection. Retail banks offer up to 6 month chargeback protection for online transactions.

We understand the risks involved in investing online – there are a huge number of fake online "investment companies" offering money rotation scams and Ponzi schemes with fake high interest rates of 20-50%/month.

We are a real investment company and profits are pay from real investment revenue.

Try us, without risk, using Paypal on our 7% monthly plan or paying directly with a Visa card on our 6 month plan.

Best regards

Bank PG
May-27-2013 01:08:51 PM
All cashout has been processed
Dear Investors! There was a small problem with our script which led to the cashout delay by 5 hours. The issue has been fixed now. All pending cashouts has been processed. Thank you for understanding. Regards Jorg Becker Diometal Inc.
Apr-26-2013 12:33:13 AM
It looks like we have found the problem in MMH and our programmer is working on fixing this. It will take some time as we have to do corrections too and we'll also implement new security measures.

We will first get MMH up and running again and after that we will work on FCM. We may have some other problems there with hackers so we need to really dig into that. Especially since FCM have been running for over a year. The way these hackers operate it's possible we didn't notice they have been active in FCM. We do have a lot of security so I'm not sure if there's much damage (if any) but we need to investigate.

Many sites have been hit by these hackers (not just our sites). Some admins have not been able to recoup and had to close their sites. I don't see that happen with MMH and FCM but we do have to check what our loses are. Maybe there have been withdrawals paid to those hackers or to members because of actions from hackers (like adding false units).

It's very disturbing knowing these hackers are active trying to steal from every program that has a good number of members. We will implement more security as I mentioned before. Some may not like the extra security we will implement but I think it's important to make sure these hackers don't get a chance. We're starting to learn how they work more and more so we can hit them with the baseball bat even before they try anything.

Ok, it's hard to say exactly when we'll be up and running again but we're on it that's for sure. Will keep you updated on progress as always.

Admin Mega Money Hybrid
Mar-30-2013 03:12:46 AM
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