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Alshareefinv - Technical problem
All Withdrawals will be process in next week, We are sorry for event.Please do not sent bad vote,That's a technical problem.

It is notable that in the case of any question you can contact us by one of the following numbers or by sending email.
Sep-15-2011 08:16:15 AM
Powerful Strategy bonus day
23 Jule is our birthday, our age - 2 months.
In honor of that we announce the new bonus campaign!
Make deposit 23th of Jule and you will receive bonus of 5% of the deposit amount to your balance during the day.
You can withdraw this bonus instantly at any time!

Thank you for choosing our company to investment!

Powerful Strategy support
Jul-23-2011 03:28:40 AM
Powerful Strategy - Bonus day
Perhaps you have seen the problem of access to our website in recent days. Today we changed the channel to more powerful, so now problems with access
to our project there should be no.

To compensate for the loss of your time, today we are add bonus - 5% of the deposit amounts that you make 5th July, from 00:00 to 23:59 server time.
This will allow you to get more profit!

Thank you for choosing our company for investment!

Powerful Strategy
Jul-5-2011 05:39:49 AM
Contracts for investment operations - NEO Progress
Dear Clients,

Now all new investment operations that you make with NEO Progress will be documented, contract will be issued for deposits with amount of 100$ or more.

Now after making a deposit in any investment fund you will get a contract signed by the president of the company. The contract will cover all the aspects of the investment activity.

The contract is a document which acknowledges the right for share of the investor in investment portfolio of the company and dividends.
Jul-1-2011 08:22:05 AM
Opulentia: Downtime
Due to network problems in the data center of our hosting provider,our site was unavailable for about 3 hours, from 11:00 to 14:00 GMT. The problem has been resolved and the site is online again.

We apologize for this interruption.

Best regards,
Daniel Beletzky
CEO at Opulentia
Jun-29-2011 11:36:58 AM
Powerful Strategy - Our birthday
In some HYIP ratings we have managed to occupy the top places.
This month on our site registered over than 1500 users. All investments successfully work and regulary returned good profit, which we gladly share
with our investors. All payments are processed instantly and without delay.

In honor of our birthday, we announce the campaign:

To create a deposit today (23 June), you will receive a bonus of 5% of the deposit amount to your balance during the day.
You can withdraw this bonus at any time!

Good luck and happy day!
Jun-23-2011 05:53:58 AM
LibertyReserve News
This information is taken from LibertyReserve blog:
Jun-17-2011 11:55:02 PM
Update in Powerful Strategy script
We've added a calculator of your guaranteed profit. It is located in the "Deposits / Make deposit" area.
Now you can see real amount of profit that will get at the end of the deposit term.
Jun-13-2011 06:59:14 AM
AdProfit2Share next BIG BOOM
on "June 15th,2011 at 10:00 AM MDT"

The cost per advertisement position is $24
and you will receive 6,000 site impression credits.
Do not miss a start!!!

More about this Site : http://investrating.net/?a=details&lid=200
Jun-12-2011 05:38:51 AM
Al Shareef Investment Company.
Our third office was opened.

Twin Towers (Office 221), Baniyas Road,PO Box 4417 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our third office map:

Jun-1-2011 10:17:45 AM
Opulentia: Tweaking our site
We noticed that users using lower display resolutions have problems displaying our site. We have fixed that now. If you had problems viewing our site in the past, please try again.
May-28-2011 08:22:01 AM
Auto Withdraw Is Now Enabled - RQ Investment
We want to inform to all our investors that AutoWithdraw is now enable for both, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money payments.
May-14-2011 02:47:17 AM
Textadbrokers.com Is now sold out
Currently the TAB members backoffice is being restructured to reflect the Board Of Directors bonus pool and member pool shares. We never would have imagined selling out so quickly so please allow 5 to 7 business days to get everything ready to launch. Including the full launch of HitCrawler .com 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Over $80,000 dollars was paid out to members including a payout Today at noon. With the transfer to hitcrawler.com we will resume our scheduled payout for Friday.

Thank you for your patience while we get ourselves ready for one of the most exciting residual income opportunities to ever hit the internet.

Textadbrokers.com will also reopen as the premier Advertising Broker for HitCrawler.com
May-3-2011 03:10:16 PM
Condor Asset Group
Our analysts have increased company and investors’ funds by 42.93 % for the period under review and 30.05 % of that was paid to investors.
During March and April 53.43 % was paid to investors.
The Russian version of the site will start working in May.
We also have plans to provide one more payment system or even two.
In May we are going to get listings in 12 big HYIP monitors.
Investors who made a deposit before this news publication would get 1.2% on their active deposit on weekends: 0.6 % on Saturday and 0.6 % on Sunday.
The interest will be accrued automatically. This is one-time campaign and it will not be applied to new investors.
Apr-30-2011 08:30:01 AM
Opulentia: New server
Please do understand that we must keep security our top priority, and due to the rapid expansion of our program we really required a faster and more secure server so we opted to do a relatively quick migration now rather then suffer for not doing it later. If you still can't access our site it is due to DNS propagation which is a slow process and can, depending on your region and your servers, take up to 24 hours to complete.
Apr-18-2011 11:40:51 AM
News from Liberty Reserve
We appreciate your continued support as we are about to finish testing our replaced equipment. Please note that the issue is purely technical and poses no risk to your funds or personal data. Liberty Reserve will be back, as it always have been. We anticipate to finish up the configuration before the end of the weekend.
Please note that once system is back up you may experience slight delays in accessing our system due to increased traffic.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.
Apr-4-2011 05:13:40 AM
On 23rd of March our company faced with the catastrophic that resulted in serious losses of money. It was recorded the theft of funds from the main Liberty Reserve account. No one felt that. We were continuing working in usual way for three days. All payments were paid from the Reserve Funds which had been made for such cases. Last night at the emergency meeting the administration of our fund made the audit of the situation and decided to stop temporarily the work of our Fund. The market is not in our favor. The daily payments exceed the amount of invested funds in a few times. In emergency mode, we have decided to withdraw most of the working capital to offset losses. Much to our regret, we failed to prom ptly perform money conversion of Perfect Money in Liberty Reserve. Right at this moment our experts are actively searching for specialized exchange organizations, which could take a substantial amount of exchange Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve. Administration of First Monetary Fund requests you not to do panic and also NOT INVEST more money to our Liberty account till the time we will set all things properly. Thank you for your understanding and patience!
Mar-28-2011 11:52:57 AM
Inno-invest News
- we have added the Russian language version to our site. Now you can also appeal to support in Russian - by a contact form, Live chat or by phone. The phone number of the Russian speaking support is +15126000501.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Respect, Administration of Inno-invest
Mar-18-2011 05:59:53 PM
Server problems
We had problems with the server, we lost most of old data. Site will be fully functional within a next few days .
Please for understand.
Mar-13-2011 03:47:32 PM
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